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Finding God When Your World is Crumbling

I know all about being disappointed with God. Things have definitely happened in my life that has made me question His very existence. While growing up, I would attend church and hear all about how God was this good God, how He makes our lives so much better when you turn to Him. But, if God were standing in front of me at the time the preacher was giving his sermon, I would have shouted at God for allowing my family to be poor. I would ask Him why I had to grow up without having a real relationship with my dad. I would ask Him why He took my 13-year old uncle away from us when he was such a loving and gentle soul who made me smile constantly. Truth be told, I didn't have that much faith in God.

I turned my back on God for twelve whole years and lived life on my own terms. I became an exotic dancer/escort, hung out with drug and alcohol addicts, got involved with men who couldn't love me because I didn't love myself, etc. When I became a mother, I finally decided to try to develop a true and personal relationship with Him. Throughout this development, I learned to take the good with the bad. I learned to take every bad thing that has happened in my life and look at it with my spiritual eyes and not my natural ones; asking God what lesson does He want me to learn from this. And after I have gone to Him in prayer and meditation, I literally waited on Him.

See, people (even me sometimes) have a habit of wanting to see the world through rose-colored glasses. We want everything to go our way, but with that comes no growth at all. When you experience nothing but goodness, bright lights, peaches and roses, it's very difficult to find your true God-given power. God wants us to see what we are really made of and when we come out victoriously, He gets the glory. Ain't God good?!

God says in His Word to "not be surprised when we suffer" and we will rejoice because one day "God's glory will be revealed in our suffering."