What To Do When Confronted With A Crisis (Part 1)

When we are confronted with one of life’s many crises, it’s natural to allow the crisis to take us off course. For instance, we lose sight of our goals and forget all of our plans. We simply lose sight of what’s important. In the Bible, Paul’s ship was caught by a storm and the sailors on board panicked in a mighty way. “The ship was caught by the storm and could not head the wlifes-stormsind; so they gave way to it and were driven along.” Acts 27:15

Back then, there were no compasses and the stars were hiding behind the storm, so the sailors were in total darkness. Therefore, I have a question to ask: How do YOU react in dark situations when you can’t see the light? When the the stars are hiding, do you drift? Do you go where the waves carry you? I used to let my problems and trials batter me and toss me back and forth. It was nothing for me to drift away from my goals, my values and even my morals because I held on to the lie that there was no use fighting it.

But, when I learned to do the complete opposite (using God’s Word to empower my situation), I saw God work in ways that words fail to express. Therefore, do not throw away your confidence in Him because He said “you will receive what he has promised.” Heb 10:35


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